SSTM Golf Tournament

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2014 Horse Camp

Horse Camp

Horse Camp was held this past summer at Harvest Field Farm for
7 to 14 year olds and was a great success!

Horse Camp includes riding lessons, swimming, crafts, character-building Bible lessons, journals, visits from equine pros and more. We offer several sessions each season. For 2014 info, contact Brandy Crago at 717-398-8327.

Horsemanship Programs

Horsemanship Programs

Horsemanship Programs help adults and children get the rehabilitative therapy they need.

They don't even realize that they're getting physical therapy—they're having a really good time and a lot of fun while they're doing it. Physical therapy like that can't be found in a classroom or doctor's office!

Silver Stars

silver stars

The Silver Stars program is specifically designed for senior citizens.

Equine therapy is effective in helping older folks who suffer from depression, feelings of isolation, anxiety and other psychological issues. Shining Stars offers a variety of ways to incorporate horses into a weekly physical routine that helps to strengthen muscles, as well. Contact us for more information.